Latest trends in online security has alarmed most security firms as more organizations are suffering from data loss

Johan de Beer

The increase in the sheer amount of reported cases of RansomWare and more specifically CryptoWare especially variants of locky and cryptolocker is very concerning. Although there are many reasons why an attacker would want to launch such havoc (financial gain being one) I believe this is an attempt to dominate bitcoin, drive the market price and/or to drive the total dissapearance of the currency from the Internet.

If you are unfamiliar with the latest security threats please have a look at this page: ESET Cryptoware Overview

Here are some handy hints to secure your data:

  1. Backups (do daily backups and weekly backups to another location) for online offsite or enterprise solutions please contact us

  2. Proper Updated Anti Virus is another good defense mechanism - Maxicle is an official ESET Security Products Provider, we provide more than just the service but also look after monitoring and management of large scale implementations

  3. Scrutiny - ensure you do not open email with false promises in the subject line or from people you do not know